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Chakra Bracelet CB01

Chakra  Bracelet CB01

Within the human body there are 7 major energy centres, or Chakra points.

Each Chakra point has a unique vortex of energy, encompassing universal, cosmic and spiritual awarness which sustains and nurtures all life.

One size, adjustable.

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Buddha face chime SBX26

Buddha face chime SBX26

Sand Art decorated plaque with nine chimes that tinkle in the wind.

Made in Bali Indonesia

Fair trade item, Approx 15cm wide x 21cm long.

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Friendship Ball Stand Large

Friendship Ball Stand Large

Ball or heart display stand.

Suitable for 10cm, 12cm and 15cm balls and 12cm hearts.

Black finish. 15cm wide x 26cm high

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Native American Wristband Three Row J4K

Native American Wristband Three Row J4K

Native American Three Row Wristband.

Made from Bone tubes, Dark Blue & brass beads, finished on soft natural leather.

Genuine Native American craft, hand made in Canada.

Fully adjustable, will fit most people.

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Nag Celestial Incense

Nag Celestial Incense

Celestial Incense is made from mixture of herbs, floral extracts and oils, which are hand rolled onto a bamboo stick.
The exotic, heady aroma of Celestial Incense Sticks is the perfect fragrance for prayer, meditation or yoga..

Each stick burns for 45 minutes & approx 14 sticks per packet

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Hand Blown Glass Friendship Balls.

These beautiful Glass balls were traditionally given as tokens of love or good luck.

Dali Inspired Clocks

Salvador Dali style melting and Time Twist clocks.

Native American Silver & Turquoise

Silver & Turquoise Jewellery

Tibetan & Buddhist

Tibetan Singing bowls, Bells, Malla Beads & more

Freshly Caught Fairy Folk.

Freshly caught fairys,elves,princess,dobies,browneys and weddings in jars.

Native American Bone Jewellery.

Bone chokers & wristbands.

Native American Dream Catchers & Crafts

Dreamcatchers & Medicine sheilds

Buddhist & Indian Gifts

This section has a beautiful selection of Buddhist & Hindu Gifts

Tibetan, Indian Incense & Holders

A selection of Handmade Incense & Holders from India and Tibet.

Suncatchers and Windchimes

Suncatchers and Windchimes

Pendulums, Crystals & Crystal Balls.

Just what it says on the tin " Pendulums, Suncatchers, Tarot & Crystals"

Celtic & Gothic Gift Collection.

Celtic, Pagan, New age, Goth Gifts, Wizards, Mirrors & fairys.

Bags, Scarves, Purses & Wallets

Embroidered, Applique, Mirrorwork bags, Purses & Textiles.

Fair Trade Wood, Masks & Crafts

Hand carved wood masks, Buddhas, Yogis, elephants & Figurines.

Celtic & Gothic Pewter Jewellery

Gothic Pendants, Necklets & Wristwear

Wish and Friendship Bracelets

Tokens of Love & Friendship, these Wish bracelets have been designed with that in mind.

Silver & Celtic Jewellery

Gem Stone, Amber & Plain Silver.

East of India & Shabby Chic Gifts.

East Of India, Shaker style, Shabby Chic Gifts.

Surf & Tribal Jewellery

Leather, Wood and Pewter Surfer Style Beads, wristbands & necklaces.

Fashion Jewellery & Accesories

Cherry Bee Italian glass & Austrian crystal jewellery, sun catchers & bag charms.