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Let me share this intersting story.

This is a dark tale of Mad Alice who was hanged at York Castle in 1825 for poisoning her husband.

The story has been contested by many and to date there are no historical records to prove of Mad Alice’s hanging.

But if you go down Lunds court on a dark night be careful not up look up you because you may see Mad Alice peering from the window.


Finished in Black and White - Approx Size: 7 cm x 5 cm


Each of our ghosts are carefully packaged in black tissue and secured in a black outer box.

All of our Ghosts are Individually made and hand finished.

The Ghost of Mad Alice

  • Our Ghost very adaptable to most environments and are happy little things.

    Their needs are not complicated, they don’t like bright sunlight because it hurts their eyes.

    They would prefer not to be kept in the kitchen or bathroom, because they don’t like getting damp and they really don’t like playing with dogs.

    Individually hand made in the UK, using non toxic British sourced materials.

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