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The Cauld Lad (Cold Boy) of Hylton is believed to be the ghost of a stable boy named Robert Skelton.

In between the 16th and Century 17th Century, The Baron Robert Hylton reputedly murdered Robert after him not completing his daily tasks.

However some say it was romantic tryst between the Barons Daughter and Skelton.


One unfortunate day The Baron found Robert Skelton in the barn asleep and murdered him


To hide the evidence The Baron Hylton then threw his body into a deep pond, but due to lack of eveidence Robert Hylton was later cleared of the murder of Robert Skelton.


To this day If your very quiet you may see a ghostly figure of Robert Skelton roaming the grounds saying “I’m Cauld, I’m Cauld ”


Hylton Castle is situated in Sunderland, The North East of England


The Cauld Lad is finished in Rich Blue and decorated in Silver leaf.

Approx Size: 7 cm x 5 cm


Each of our ghosts are carefully packaged in black tissue and in a black gift box.

All of our Ghosts are handmade and hand finished, making everyone Indivdual.

The Cauld Lad of Hylton

  • Our Ghost very adaptable to most environments and are happy little things.

    Their needs are not complicated, they don’t like bright sunlight because it hurts their eyes.

    They would prefer not to be kept in the kitchen or bathroom, because they don’t like getting damp and they really don’t like playing with dogs.

    Individually hand made in the UK, using non toxic British sourced materials.

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