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The Tinker was a craftsman that worked mainly in tin, mending kettles and pans.

In ancient times they were referred to a caird which comes from Gaelic 'Ceard' meaning a tinker or worker in metal.

They Travelled either on foot with a basket or pushed a barrow, the tinkers of old supplied their customers with a selection of wares and other services sometimes not available locally.

They would also set up shop at fairs and markets or simply wandered the streets, calling out what they had for sale.


This poor soul fell asleep one night and never woke up but if you listen carefully on a dark windy night, you may still hear the rattling of his pots and pans.


Finished in Rust Brown - Approx size : 7 cm x 5cm


Each of our ghosts are carefully packaged in black tissue in a black outer box.

All of our Time Twist Ghosts are handmade and individually finished, making each one unique.


Thomas The Tinker

  • Our Ghosts are very adaptable to most environments and are happy little things.

    Their needs are not complicated, they don’t like bright sunlight because it hurts their eyes.

    They would prefer not to be kept in the kitchen or bathroom, because they don’t like getting damp and they really don’t like playing with dogs.

    Individually Hand made in the UK, using non toxic British sourced materials.

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