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The Rector Gamage of St Edmunds Church, Co Durham had a dispute with the Church’s tenant farmers over Tithes (rent) but before the Rector could collect the Tighes in he died.

His Wife was frantic that she would  be plunged into poverty, she devised a cunning a plan to keep the Rector alive just long enough to collect the rents.

Stories say the Rectors wife cured the clergyman’s body in salt and other versions say she pickled the parson by preserving him in a barrel of brandy.

Legends has it that Mary propped his pickled remains up so that he could be seen when the landowners came to pay their tithes.

Once the monies were paid, Mary declared that the Rector had died and it is believed the Rector still roams the grounds of the church.


Finished in Satin Black - Approx size 7cm 


Comes carefully packed in black tissue in a blackgift box or bag.

Each Ghost is hand made and hand finished in the UK, making everyone individual.

The Pickled Parson

  • Although Our Ghosts are pretty tough, they dont like being in direct sunlight, it hurts their eyes!

    They also dont like getting wet, or being stuck anywhere damp or given to the dog.

    All they really want is to be admired and given a gentle dust now and again.

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